Updated LogCat Notepad++ Language

I have updated the LogCat Notepad++ language to support full line syntax highlighting.

Get it here, https://github.com/TronicZomB/NppLogCat/releases/tag/1.1


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OhmCalc removal

Unfortunately, I noticed a bug in the OhmCalc Application and have chosen to remove it currently from the Play Store until I can correct this issue. 


OhmCalc Widget

Here is more information on the OhmCalc Widget, recently published here (link currently inactive, see here about why). The OhmCalc Widget is a resistor color code calculator that is also a home screen widget for Android. This allows you to look up the value of a resistor by tapping on the different bands to cycle through the colors and below it will display the resistance of a resistor with those color codes. By making this a home screen widget there is the added convenience of not having to open an application in order to find out the value of the resistor.

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OhmCalc Widget Published

[Links currently inactive, see here about why] My first project, OhmCalc Widget, has been published to the Google Play store. Get it now at https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=troniczomb.productions.ohmcalcwidget

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LogCat N++ now on GitHub

I have recently switched the LogCat.xml file for Notepad++ from my Google Docs to my GitHub.

Any future code will be posted to GitHub as well.

If there are any problems with the GitHub, or the LogCat language, feel free to let me know.

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LogCat & Notepad++

Now you can colorize your saved LogCat text files in Notepad++!


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First Logo

First Round Logo

This is the first logo for TZP. Thoughts, good or bad?


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